Our Steel Finishes

We offer the following 2 types of steel finishes. Please bear in mind that although we tried to be as accurate as possible, different computer screens and monitors may show different colors and textures. 

 Nickel Satin Brushed Steel

Nickel Satin Brushed Steel
The look and slightly grainy texture of Nickel Satin Brushed Steel is created by brushing and polishing the steel surface with a grit brush. This finish is not very reflective (more like a dull, indistinct shine), and generally a good choice for most household furniture that complements well the other furniture you have. Joints between the different length of steel are visible with Nickel Satin Brushed Steel finish because the brushing can only go in one direction.

Example of steel pipe treated with
Nickel Satin Brushed finish:Example of Nickel Satin Brushed Steel Finish

 Chrome Polished Steel Finish

Chrome Polished Steel
The shine and perfectly smooth finish of Chrome Polished Steel comes from first plating the steel with chromium, and then buffing it all to a brilliant shine. Chrome Polished Steel works well for accent pieces or special pieces of furniture that you might want to make stand out. Joints between different length of steel are buffed and polished out, so that joints are not visible with this finish.

Example of steel pipe treated with
Chrome Polished finish:Example of Chrome Polished Steel Finish

For some furniture with slender legs (for example, our Initially Side Table), we can only make those types of slender legs with Chrome Polished Steel, so we don't offer you a choice there. In cases where there is a choice for the steel finish, we will also match the other hardware (for example, drawer pulls and handles) to match your choice.

If you would like to ask for a different types of steel finish, or have suggestions on future steel finish choices, please let us know with your order, contact us, or send us a message at  1x1 Modern